Our Artists and Thinkers



Isabelle Balot , French poet  – poems in French and English; “Opales” published at Abebooks.com

Philippe Delaveau, French poet – poems in French – over 20 volumes of poetry published in France by Gallimard and others


Dominique Dupraz – Recordings and published works at The New Consonant Music; pages on Facebook

David Marc Alterman – music and video online at Facebook, Youtube; mentioned in the film Violinivarius by CoffeeCat Productions (video at Vimeo.com)

Mark Vigil – composers website: MarkVigil.com; 4 CDs available at various distributors including Naxos;  mentioned in the film Violinivarius by CoffeeCat Productions (video at Vimeo.com)

Webster Young – composer’s website: WebsterYoungLinks.com ; recordings available at CDbaby.com; over 40 videos at Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Youku, etc.; music publishers: MusicNotes.com, Freehand Music, SheetMusicPlus ; a subject in the documentary films Violinivarius, Two for Ballet.

Joseph Lliso – no website or online presence – Conductor of the Pan American Symphony, child prodigy conductor who worked with Toscanini and Stokowski – mentioned in the film Violinivarius by CoffeeCat Productions (video at Vimeo.com); opera aria “The Angel Said” on Youtube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waR1gEFSe44

Musicologists, Music Theorists

Robert J. Ross – Mathematician, classical guitarist ; classical guitar CD at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/robertjross

Anthony Morss – Conductor, pianist , musicologist; recently retired conductor of the New Jersey Verismo Opera Association;  public address to the Schiller Institute, online at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvtMOvkLEn4      performance videos online at Youtube

Book Editor/Publisher

John Riess – former senior editor at Dover Books; founder and editor of Angelico Press


Robert Ellis Crawford – Dramatist, Founder of the REC Music Foundation, inventor of the ArtsConverge application for opera translation display, and of early synthesizers

Artists recently deceased and to be represented by us:

Kenneth Miller Frantz – Jungian expressionist painter of the San Francisco Renaissance School; paintings never shown – only current availability is in 14 illustrations found in The Naked Composer, by Webster Young, at Amazon.com  ; studied with David Park, Richard Diebenkorn, Clifford Still; friend of William Everson (Brother Antoninus). The 100 plus paintings in his estate are managed by Webster Young and Thomas Frantz.

Eric Hyrst – Choreographer – Prominent choreographer of the 1950-60’s, with 150 ballets to his credit.  d. 1996  Information and video at many sources, including a series on youtube by TheNextBalanchine channel. Many articles, reviews, films etc are preserved at the Jerome Robbins Dance Collection, Lincoln Center Library, New York. A film with five of his ballets and summary of his career is : “Two for Ballet”, distributed by Cinema Guild, NY.   Diane Gaumond Hyrst, ballerina and choreographer, his widow, has created the Eric Hyrst Foundation, and is a collaborator with RestoreTheArts.net