A Composer with a Good Ear – Writing for the Arpeggione

From Webster Young founder: I just met Dov Rosenschein through a Facebook page I started some years ago, called Conductors and Scores. The page is growing very fast – about 10 new members a week. Sometimes composers want to join, and Rosenschein was one of those.

He studied composition at the Mannes School of Music in New York, which is where one of my composition masters  (Charles Jones ) taught.

The first of his pieces I listened to was the one below – which is for two arpeggiones. Haydn wrote many pieces for a similar instrument, the baryton, but today both instruments are called “obsolete”  because they are not common anymore. Rosenschein -in the present – has written more for the arpeggione than anyone else.  (This recording is a midi arpeggione – not live)


To me, this piece has some important virtues in regard to the harmony, which may not be so easy to hear at first. I thought it might be interesting to discuss here …

One comment

  1. Looking back on this composition I am remembering how much I enjoyed writing it. There are currently six people in the world who play the arpeggione, and in five years there will be celebrations of the 200th anniversary of its invention. I hope then all the music so far written for the instrument will be recorded.


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