New-Tonal Composers: An Invitation to Dialogue

Les Six

(Photo above is of Les Six, or the French Six)     From Webster Young, founder: We have five composers from among the twelve accomplished artists who are “fellows” of this page and blog. They include: Mark Vigil (USA), David Marc Alterman (USA), Dominique Dupraz (France), Jospeh Lliso (Puerto Rico USA).  Samples of their music are found in articles here.

Our statement of artistic values was either drafted or approved by them, and the other artists here. I invited each composer who is a fellow to be involved because each is 1. very experienced and accomplished and has written in most media including orchestra 2. has studied very seriously for years with an important composer 3. has written music that shows compositional brilliance within the neoclassical values we stand for and 4. has an innate musical gift that manifests  (at least some of the time) in a great melodic aspect found in their work.

Occasionally we meet composers who are quite talented and who are working in a vein that relates to ours, but whose work for one reason or another does not fit the above criteria.  For example, I have recently encountered the quite accomplished work of Stephen Perks

His is an accomplished orchestrator and has developed a neo-romantic language that works quite well.

While we at Restore the Arts have espoused neoclassicism as best for the future, and not neoRomanticism, I certainly think his work is worth discussing in open dialogue here.

Two other examples: I recently encountered a self taught composer who has an obvious gift for melody: Jean de Mazac.  With sheer inspiration, he reaches some beautiful musical moments. Again, it would be great to dialogue with him (and he has agreed).

There is also Steven Lebetkin. His music is not neoclassical or neo-romantic, but it is tonal. Certainly worth discussing among our composers…


What I would like to see is a fruitful dialogue  happening that could help the very gifted, but less experienced, or self taught, or non neoclassical composers we meet – by discussion  with our composer fellows here at Restore the Arts. …

With best regards,

Webster Young

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