Are the Pre Raphaelites Ripe for Re-examination ?

Here is a question posted at the Facebook Page called : The Mysterious World of the Pre Raphaelites. This question was asked after one of the members posted an interesting history of the Pre Raphaelite movement. This painting was then included (which seems to be the “Death of King Arthur”)


If one subscribes to this Facebook Group, where many paintings are posted, one sees that the Pre Raphaelite movement created a much larger body of great works than is surmised today.

Question posted to the Facebook group : “their movement is chronologically parallel to impressionism and post impressionism, and in several ways it could be said to be opposite. Has anyone explained why painting took two such different directions? Impressionism leads directly to our times through expressionism, etc., whereas the Pre Raphaelites did not lead to a line into our times. And yet it seems to hold an answer now for the failure of post modernism…”

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