From Dominique Dupraz – Restore the Arts Fellow

Dominique Dupraz, a composer of our academy who lives in Paris, sent me this cover for his 24 Preludes for Piano. His design, I believe…

One comment

  1. Really like this music cover…Dominque Dupraz, I think, has a lot of feeling for musical sound itself, which I think quite necessary today for a composer. This is reflected in some of the design/ drawing he does on sheet music. In fact, another member of our Academy, Philippe Delaveau, for a while told me he liked to improvise a little watercolor design on the first page of his published poems, when he was giving away a book as a gift. I have one of these – and somehow it really enhances the title and the whole book. Philippe has told me twice that he often wishes he were a musician.That is interesting in the context of this cover by Dominique.


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