An Interview on Neoclassical Music – with Webster Young, Composer

Restore the Arts


in the FORM of an INTERVIEW

with W. A. YOUNG  on his music and its style

(The interviewer)  —“You describe this piece of yours as “Neo-Baroque”, which means you are saying it is in a modern version of a Baroque style. Yet…  to me it sounds exactly like Baroque music.

W.Y.: “This music has many features that would never have appeared in the Baroque period. My music has not only major differences in technique from Baroque period music, but also has musical features that would only appear  in 20th century music.

    Forgive me for examples that only musicians will understand… my music dispenses completely with secondary dominants used to establish a new key. Chromaticism does not appear at all in the form in which it appears in Baroque music. In my music most themes established in a key…

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