Restore the Arts is now a Corporation in the State of Colorado

Time to celebrate! Restore the Arts has filed Articles of Incorporation in Colorado. It is a corporation as of Oct 10, 2017. We will be applying for 501C3 status shortly, and must wait for a reply for the IRS. However, once the 501 C3 status is granted, tax deductions on donations will be retroactive back to yesterday (Oct 10).

Our articles now on file state that we have the following purposes:

1. to educate about the Classical or neoclassical fine arts – especially music, poetry, theater, literature, architecture, painting, and sculpture – as well as about all matters pertaining to high Western culture.

2. To support new works in any field of the arts that reflect neoclassical ideals

3. To comment on and recommend (without direct political action) enlightened government support of the arts that includes neoclassical ideals.

4. to maintain or support facilities or programs, of our own or of others, that present any of the fine or performing arts,  or restore lost knowledge about, or educate about, the fine arts and music, especially in the light of neoclassicism – with an emphasis on new works, works of the present or recent times, older works that shed light on the present, or works that represent a restoration of quality to the arts.

5. to support our ideals in both sacred and secular arts

6. to foster collaboration in the fine arts and music between Europe and the United States

7. to form a new symphony orchestra that represents our neoclassical ideals


Initial Board of Directors

The number of directors constituting the initial board of directors of the corporation is three.

Their names and addresses are:

Webster A. Young, Jr.  President  (5174 Buckingham Rd, Simpson, Boulder, CO  80301)

Diane Gaumond Hyrst  Treasurer (531 W. Glenwood St, Medford , Oregon  97501)

David Marc Alterman Secretary (Frederick, MD 21701)

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