Response from US Department of Education

Below is a response to my letter addressed to the US Secretary of Education. I have also had responses two possible non-profit shelters, who said that they could not help us because they could not process the amount of money we hope to raise, which would be too large to handle.  I have been advised that we form our own non-profit 501-C3, which I am considering.

Dear Mr. Young:

Thank you for your email to Secretary Betsy DeVos sharing your proposal for expanding your “Restore the Arts” program.  Your email was referred to the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education for review, and I am pleased to respond.

I have read your proposal and appreciate the thought and effort you have given this matter.  However, the U.S. Department of Education (the Department) has no jurisdiction over the adoption and implementation of such programs.  The Department is not able to recommend specific programs or instructional strategies for schools.  The adoption of specific educational strategies is solely the responsibility of state and local education officials.  Therefore, you may wish to bring your suggestion to the attention of state and local school officials.

Thank you for your interest in improving public education.  I wish you success in your endeavors.


Melika Anderson
Management & Program Analyst

Control Correspondence & Communications Unit

Executive Office

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