“Pavane” – Music of David Marc Alterman

David Marc Alterman shared this at our Facebook page (called Restore the Arts Facebook Group):

One comment

  1. David, I like this piece and hear some things in it that I thought I would mention for discussion – one is that a few of the cadences at the end of passages are reminiscent – for me, in a very positive way – of some of Puccini’s more complex harmonies. I enjoy hearing that , since I know that most of the piece is you, and your technique. In my attempts to create modal flavor I sometimes come upon Puccini moments in my music as well. To me, having this quality appear is great in a composer who has true inspiration and is not trying recreate or copy a style. What do you think? (By the way, a similar question is addressed towards the end of my article “Can There be Great Composers Anymore” published by ISI Journal and posted on our blog at the top.)


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